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Conserving Prairies

Protection and Management

Conservation Resources


Protecting Prairies

Less than 1% of the remaining prairie and oak woodland habitats are protected in parks or reserves. Private landowners hold the key to maintaining this important natural legacy.

Because of the relative scarcity of prairies and oak woodlands in the region, there are many resources available to private landowners who would like to restore prairie or oak woodlands on their property. Read about some of our landowners on the Landowner Spotlight page.  In addition to NRCS, there are multiple agencies and funding sources to assist private landowners. See the resource list for some ideas on how you can improve your own property.


Prairie Management

Prairies today are dependent on active management to sustain their natural values. Whether this is controlling pest plants or ensuring rare butterflies have enough nectar, prairies can use our help. Resource agencies and other groups have developed a suite of management and restoration techniques that can help your prairies. Peruse the technical articles on this page, which give detailed information. 





Conservation Resources for Prairie and Oak Woodland Landowners

This brochure was developed to help landowners conserve and protect their prairies.  It includes information on a variety of benefits, funding opportunities and assurances as well as providing a list of relevant contacts. 

Scotch Broom Control

Scotch broom is the greatest biological threat to prairies. Learn how to control Scotch broom using integrated methods.

NRCS Conservation Programs

The Natural Resources Conservation Service has a number of different programs available to help private landowners, farmers and ranchers restore important habitats and prairie grasslands.

Habitat Enhancements for Squirrels and Butterflies

Ft. Lewis and The Nature Conservancy have produced plans describing habitat enhancements for some of the regions rarest species. The basics of these plans are applicable to a number of locations.

Rare Species Recovery Project The Dept. of Defense sponsors this project to cooperatively recovery rare species. These efforts will enhance conservation and help preserve flexibility in training on military lands such as Ft. Lewis and McChord Air Base.

The Nature Conservancy - Would you like to know what this non-profit group accomplished for prairies this quarter? Read their Quarterly Summaries.





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