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Mt. Rainier



Ecology and Conservation of the South Puget Sound Prairie Landscape. 1997. P. Dunn and K. Ewing. The Nature Conservancy.

Below are links to each chapter of the book:

Weeds of South Puget Sound Prairies

Changes in South Puget Sound Landscape

Land Use and Ft Lewis

Prairie Food and Medicine

Ecology of Western Grey Squirrel

Using DNA and Rocks

Status of Neotropical Birds


Butterflies of S. Puget Sound

Rare Vascular Plants

Aster Curtus

Castilleja levisecta

Native Veg. of South Puget Sound Prairies

Fire Effects on Prairie Vegetation

Pocket Gopher Influence

Exotic Beetles and Native Ants

Plant Community Diversity

Germination Requirements

Rocky Prairie Restoration

Survival and Growth of Festuca

Vegetative Response to Fall Burning

Poderosa Pine Restoration

Restoration of White Oak Habitat

Ft Lewis ITAM Management

Indian Paintbrush Flower



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